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Joe Mar Polygraph and Investigation Services

…have served the Greater Los Angeles area, law enforcement agencies, corporations, and businesses since 1979. For almost 40 years, Joe Mar Polygraph & Investigation Services have served as a leader in lie detector tests and electronic bug sweeping services. Over time, we’ve grown to incorporate other investigative services needed by both businesses and the public, including Livescan services.

Joe E. Delia is the founder and CEO of Joe Mar Polygraph & Investigation Services, and is a certified polygraph examiner, with years of experience providing polygraphs, interviews, court testimonies, background investigations, and pre-employment and criminal inspections. He brings over 40 years of law enforcement experience to the company.

His Background Includes


Officer and Detective for Monterey Park Police Department


Deputy for SWAT unit of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department


Senior polygraph examiner in Lancaster, California Crime Lab


Featured on television shows including The Doctors, The Test and The Marriage Boot Camp as the lead polygraph examiner


Interview and polygraph expert for Northrup Corporation


Trained in hostage negotiation, acted as lead negotiator


Trained deputies in polygraph field (in relation to crime lab)


Lead a private security team for the residence of the Turkish Consulate and protection of foreign dignitaries


Specialized training in: Electronic Sweeps and Countermeasure; Swat Tactics; Supervisory Personnel Development; Hostage Negotiation; Administrative of Justice; Personal Protection Vehicle Course; Pursuit Driving Course


License and certified as a polygraph expert with these affiliations: American polygraph Association, California Association of Polygraph Examiners and American Association of Police Polygraphist

Joe E. Delia

…is actively involved in all aspects of the company, including personally conducting polygraph examinations for over 15 agencies in the Greater Los Angeles area. Unlike larger companies, providing such services at Joe Mar Polygraph and Investigative services, each client receives the personal attention of Joe E. Delia or a member of our team of law enforcement professionals. We have the time and personnel, to make it sure that you receive the needed information to make the best decisions.

Joe is also an expert in electronic debugging.  Trained by the DEA, Joe has performed debugging services for many corporations concerned about the security of their company activities and information.  They can all now have peace of mind that their most valuable information is being protected through the efforts of Joe E. Delia and JOE MAR POLYGRAPH & INVESTIGATION SERVICES.

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