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Need electronic bug sweeping services in Los Angeles, or the Greater LA area? Equipped with state-of-the-art electronic counter measures equipment to detect  transmitters, illicit intrusion, and bugging devices, Joe Mar Polygraph & Investigation has the tools and expertise to protect you from prying eyes.

Beware DIY solutions! Store-bought electronic sweeping devices are limited in their capability to detect all electronic bug frequencies. They can only identify a subset of frequencies, leaving room for potential undetected bugs. This limitation poses a significant risk for individuals or businesses concerned about their privacy and security.

To ensure comprehensive protection against electronic bugs, it is highly recommended to hire Joe Mar Polygraph & Investigative Services. Joe and his team possess professional-grade equipment specifically designed to detect all frequencies utilized by electronic bugs. Each bug can employ different frequencies, making it essential to have the right tools to identify them accurately.

Measures like these continue to be a high priority for a great many individuals, and for good reason. Everyone from A-list movie stars and rock and roll celebrities to elite athletes and owners of Fortune 500 companies could benefit from professional protection.

Trained by the DEA, Joe Mar is well-qualified to ensure your safety. Does your fame make you feel as though you could use professional protection? Joe Mar can help. Don’t allow yourself to be susceptible to attack or the leaking of confidential or privileged information. Take action with an electronic sweep and protect your residence.

Electronic sweeps include:

  • Bug Sweep Services
  • Electronic Bug Detection Services
  • Hidden Camera Detection Services
  • Debug Services
  • RF Bug Detector
  • Bug Detector
  • Information Protection

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